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What We Provide
RankSurveys is a 100% free survey directory that connects you with top companies that need to hear your opinion. We rank our survey companies based on feedback we hear from our members. We also provide a description of the type of rewards our companies provide since not all companies reward with cash!
How to Earn
Once you register for RankSurveys, you'll have access to all our top survey companies. Join our top ranked companies to enjoy the highest payouts and rewards for completing surveys. Companies reward in different ways and we've identified their reward type so you can choose what types of rewards you want and who to take surveys with.
How do I get started?
Signup through the form at the top of the page. You will then have access to our top rank survey companies.
How do I get paid?
Signup and take surveys through our survey partners. They will send you surveys based on your demographic (age, gender, marital status, etc.). After you complete these surveys, they pay you directly - either by check, PayPal, giftcards/e-giftcards, or redeemable points.
How much can I expect to make?
This depends on how much you want to work. If you want to spend 10 minutes a day and earn $1,000 a month, this is not for you. If you are willing to invest time and effort, you can reasonably make $100-$500 per month.
How much do companies payout for each survey?
Expect payouts to be $1 to $35 per survey (depending on length).
What's the catch?
There is no catch! You get a free membership to RankSurveys and we connect you with the top paying survey companies online.
What's in it for RankSurveys?
We like to be 100% upfront with our members. We get paid by research firms to find panelists. They value your opinion enough to pay us to find you!
Will I get rich? Is this a get-rich quick scheme?
No. You will not get rich at RankSurveys. You can, however, earn additional income depending on the amount of surveys you take.
Is this a get-rich quick scheme?
No. Surveys take time so you won't get rich overnight.
What about my Privacy?
Always check the privacy policy of any "market research" company before joining. RankSurveys provides only the top survey companies and will not spam or sell your information.
Will you spam me?
Absolutely not! We will never sell or rent your email address to anyone. You can read our policy here
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